Jose Enrique advises Liverpool to sign the Portuguese star in “Euro 2020”



Jose Enrique advises Liverpool to sign the Portuguese star in

Reuters / Bernadett Szabo

The Spaniard Jose Enrique, the former Liverpool back, advised the Reds’ management to sign Renato Sanchez, who is providing great levels with the Portugal national team at the European Nations Cup “Euro 2020”.

And a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Star” quoted Enrique’s comment on Sanchez’s performance, saying: “He has always been a great player, if I am not mistaken, he was the best player in the under-21 competition.”

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And the former Liverpool star continued: “Sanchez seems to be the type that opens the door to the possibility of Jurgen Klopp helping him, to be a world-class player.”

Enrique continued his speech, saying: “This is the man I want to replace Wijnaldum, he is still 23 years old, and he just won the French League title with Lille .. He is an engine, and from a physical point of view he is superior to the others, he seems to me a perfect fit for Jurgen Klopp.” “.

It is noteworthy that Renato Sanchez contributed to his country’s reaching the final price of the European Football Championship “Euro 2020”, by occupying third place in the sixth “Death” group, behind France and Germany.

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