Johnson & Johnson calls on countries around the world to provide additional doses of Corona vaccines


"Johnson & Johnson" The countries of the world are calling for providing additional doses of vaccines "Corona"

The CEO of Johnson & Johnson, Alexei Gorsky, said that the people of the world need more doses of coronavirus vaccines, as well as seasonal influenza vaccines, in the coming years.

In his speech at the Tech Health conference, Gorsky added that everyone will need vaccines to enhance their immunity and increase the achievement of herd immunity worldwide in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

He pointed out that these vaccines, whether against Corona or against seasonal influenza, will be mass-produced in the coming years, and this came hours after the statements of the former White House health adviser, “Anthony Fauci” and his demand for his country’s citizens to receive the vaccine to stop the spread of the “Delta” disease strain discovered in India.

It should be noted that Johnson & Johnson provides millions of doses of its anti-coronavirus vaccine, one dose of which is distributed to each individual.

In terms of trading, “Johnson & Johnson” stock rose by 1.3% and closed at $165.5, and recorded the highest price at $165.7 and the lowest price at $163.6.


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