Jessica Azar hosts a bachelorette party with the participation of Nadine Njeim


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4 days before entering the golden cage, the media celebrated Jessica Azar With her fiancé, Muhammad Soufan, and a number of friends, she bid farewell to celibacy.

Jessica Azar celebrates her bachelorhood

The actress participated Nadine Njeim And the musician Michel Fadel in Bachelorette Party by Jessica Azar They appeared with her in many photos and videos.

Pictures and videos of the occasion spread on social media, and Jessica appeared, who looked happy on her face, danced with her fiancé and her friends, and cut a cake.

And the Lebanese media starred at the bachelorette party, along with her fiancé, Muhammad Soufan, and appeared in a white dress distinguished by its simplicity, adopting make-up and hairstyle distinguished by softness.

Social media pioneers circulated many videos, in which Azar appeared dancing and celebrating, several days before her wedding, which is scheduled to take place on June 11, at Jumblatt Palace in the Baramiya area, Sidon district.

وعبرت Jessica Azar Earlier, she expressed her longing to complete her life alongside her fiancé, businessman Muhammad Soufan, and she published on her personal page on the social networking site a romantic photo that brought them together, and attached her to a comment in which she expressed her happiness and longing to be his wife and complete her life with him.

The love life of Jessica Azar

It is reported that Jessica Azar’s love life was chased by many rumors, in 2015 he published Wael Kfoury A picture of Lazar, describing her as “Salma Hayek”, to which she would respond to him as “George Clooney”, which made the audience believe that they were living a love story

In response to Nature about the nature of her relationship with Wael Kfoury, Jessica Azar previously said: “I am originally a fan, and when I attend his concerts, I turn into a fan. My relationship with him is just a friendship.” It seemed as if the question itself had infuriated her.

Some also linked the name of the media to the Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Saher, who was keen every year to attend her birthday parties.

The star had previously announced that she was very surprised by the spread of rumors about them, as she said in her statements to the channel One TV The Lebanese: “By God, I don’t know (the reason for the spread of the rumor).. What remains could be two friends in the world.. I don’t know.. Maybe because they see us a lot while I am single and Wael is in the story of his divorce“.

And the Lebanese star continued at the time: “People like to have fun with news and novels.. They loved to marry me this time.. We did not marry.. We are friends.. and the rest are friends.. I respect him and love him.. She says we got married.. Belize believe me.. we didn’t get married“.


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