Jennifer Aniston on Brad Pitt: We are just friends


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Despite rumors that they have returned to resume their romance over the past few months since the American Actors Guild Awards last year, American actress Jennifer Aniston confirmed that she is communicating with her ex, Brad Pitt, and that they are friends, not lovers. “We are only friends,” Aniston said about her relationship with “Pete” during her appearance on the SiriusXM program, and “Aniston” participated in appearing on the program with her colleagues in the famous series “Friends”, of which she presented an exceptional episode recently, after it stopped showing 16 years ago.

The relationship of “Aniston” and “Pitt” witnessed a special attraction for their fans, and they were among the beloved couples in Hollywood, until they separated in 2005 since the association of “Pitt” with his colleague “Angelina Jolie” when he co-starred with her in the romantic action movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, as he spoke “Pitt” in an interview with Parade magazine in 2011 for the first time about his relationship with “Aniston”, stressing that during their marriage, he felt that “he was not living an interesting life.”

“Pitt” separated from “Angelina Jolie” in 2016, while “Jennifer Aniston” separated from her fiancé “Justin Theroux” in 2017, while she said that she and “Pitt” are facing time, and she joked that she is still looking for the right person, but she certainly will not. Apply this research via dating sites.


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