It took 20 years to capture it .. “NASA” publishes the first image of the “Milky Way”


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The US space agency “NASA” published a real image of the Milky Way, for the first time in history, during which billions of stars and black holes appear, 26,000 light-years away from Earth.

The image published by NASA of the Milky Way consists of 370 X-ray observation and observation points, taken over more than 20 years. The image was taken over two successive decades. In 1999, NASA launched a space telescope to monitor the Milky Way called Chandra X-ray, and a radio telescope in South Africa also contributed to the process of capturing the image.

In turn, University of Massachusetts Amherst astronomer Daniel Wang says he spent an entire year working on the image from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

“What we see in the picture is a violent or active ecosystem in the center of our galaxy. There are a lot of supernova remnants, black holes and neutron stars there, and every point or feature of the X-rays represents an active source, and most of them are concentrated in the center,” Wang explains.

It is reported that the space telescope launched by NASA to obtain real images of the Milky Way was launched in July 1999 and has a cost of 1.65 billion dollars, and it is 100 times more effective for X-rays than other space telescopes.


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