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Apple is set to announce new versions of Mac OS X for Mac devices, WatchOS for its smartwatch, and TVOS for Apple TV.

Apple has announced its annual WWDC Developer Conference (WWDC) 2021, which is scheduled to take place virtually online today, Monday, for a period of 3 days.

The event begins as usual with the speech of the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, and will be followed by a series of presentations for the company’s department managers, and this annual event is usually an opportunity for application developers to see the tools and technologies that Apple plans to launch, learn about and experience to benefit from them later when creating their applications.

But what does the audience expect from the conference? This is what we will show in the following report:

iOS and iPad OS

The annual Apple Developers Conference is where Apple uses to reveal new operating systems for its devices, and new versions of iOS and iPadOS are sure to be a major focus during the event. Apple announces the iOS 15 operating system.

According to Bloomberg, “iOS 15” and “iPad OS” will contain significant changes to notifications and the home screen, and iPhone users will be able to set certain preferences based on their current state, such as their state when they are driving or while they are asleep, with expanded options. for automatic response.

It is widely expected that Apple Chief of Programs Tim Cook and Craig Federigi will talk about the new privacy features after the ATT Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) initiative, which was first announced last year, took effect with the launch of the operating system. iOS 14.5 (iOS 14.5), which has since become the subject of much debate, at a time when app makers – led by Facebook – have said that Apple’s restrictions on ad tracking will severely hurt their business.

Other operating systems

Apple is also set to announce new versions of macOS for Mac, watchOS for its smartwatch, and tvOS for Apple TV. ).

Unlike the iPhone and iPad operating system, there is not a lot of information about what to expect from other Apple operating systems, as it is possible that the upcoming changes to the new Mac operating system will be minor, and we have not seen any reliable reports about what to expect, however it seems that more Privacy features are a safe bet.

New versions of iOS and iPadOS are sure to be a major focus during the event (Getty Images)

As for the watchOS system of the Apple smartwatch, there is not much about it, but we expect Apple to launch a number of health-related features in the new operating system for its Apple Watch.

Perhaps the most interesting recent leak is the accidental inclusion of the term “homeOS” in Apple’s list of functions, and the term appears to have been replaced by “HomePod” and “tvOS”. In both places it appeared, indicating that the company may be planning to integrate both systems in order to create a unified smart home operating system.

Apple M2 chip

When Apple introduced its “M1” chip late last year, it was the first chip designed specifically for Mac devices, and then everyone saw the level of performance and energy efficiency superior to other chips of powerful companies, but at the same time the “M1” chip was just the beginning. It is not designed to work with professional Macs.

Instead, the chip appeared in devices such as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and even the 13-inch Mac mini, and recently the iMac was supported. 24 inch Apple chip.

That is why we expect to see the successor to the “M1” for the Mac computers of experts and professionals, and Apple may call the new chip “M2” (M2) or “M1X” (M1X), and whatever its name is, the new chip will raise the maximum number of Supported RAM from 16 to 64 GB.

The chip will also allow computers to have more ports than we saw in the “M1”, and sources say that Apple will provide two different types of chips for the “MacBook Pro”, and the CPUs for these chips will include 8 high-performance cores and two cores in order to increase efficiency. The GPU in one device will contain 16 cores, while the GPU in the other version will have 32 cores.

At eight in the evening, Mecca time, the Apple Developer Conference will be held, which will be online, as it happened last year (Shutterstock)

New Macs

Famous leaker John Prosser claims that Apple plans to introduce new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models during its conference, but no one knows this is true because the company hasn’t announced any new devices during its developer conference since 2016.

However, if Apple does happen to unveil the new MacBook Pro, it is expected that it will be redesigned with a re-introduction of the MagSafe port along with the HDMI port and SD card reader. (SD), as well as Thunderbolt / USB-C ports.

These were some expectations about the products and software expected to be launched by Apple during its annual developer conference this year, however we will have to wait until eight in the evening Mecca time to make sure that these expectations are correct.

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