Issuing a new warning to millions of users of the new iPhone 12 series in various countries of the world


We show you our most important and recent visitors news details A new warning has been issued to millions of users of the new iPhone 12 series in various countries of the world in the following article

Omar Shoel – iPhone 12’s grandmother The Journal of the American Heart Association this week published its findings from a study on the potential health risks posed by MagSafe. It is Apple’s magnetic charging system built into every iPhone 12 model. JAHA concluded that the iPhone 12 range “has the potential to inhibit life-saving therapy.” The problem stems from the possibility of Magsafe causing electromagnetic interference with implantable heart electronic devices (CIEDs). Which includes pacemakers and defibrillators. JAHA said its tests found that CEIDs can be disrupted by a magnetic field of at least 10 g. While “the magnetic field strength of the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be greater than 50 g when directly connected.”

iPhone 12 and its effects on disabling anti-tachycardia treatments

The American Heart Association (JAHA) confirms that people often put their smartphone in a chest pocket on top of a device that may be close to a CIED device. This could result in an asynchronous pacing or disruption of anti-tachycardia treatments.” The JAHA findings are consistent with research from the journal Heart Rhythm in January that warned that MagSafe magnets within the iPhone 12 range could “potentially prevent life-saving treatment in the patient” and recommended “To avoid any potential interactions with these devices, keep the iPhone and MagSafe on hold.” At a safe distance from the device [CIED] (More than 6″/15cm apart or 12″/30cm apart if charging wirelessly. ”

Apple downplays risks

Apple responded to these findings with a support document that acknowledged the potential for interference but downplayed the risks. “Although all iPhone 12 models contain more magnets than previous iPhone models, they are not expected to pose a greater risk of magnetic interference to medicine than previous iPhone models,” she said. ”

Apple has an advisory report that the latest generation of iPhone 12 poses no greater risk of magnet interference when compared to the older generation of iPhones. However, our study indicates otherwise as magnet response has been shown in 3/3 cases in vivo. Compared to the older generation iPhone 6. A study by Lacour et al. found no magnetic response states in a sample size of 148 patients.

MagSafe magnet getting stronger iPhone 13

In conclusion, this report highlights the importance of public awareness. “Patients are advised to consult with a cardiologist regarding recommendations for their smartphone and CIED,” says JAHA. It remains to be seen if Apple will update the MagSafe warning on its website. In light of this new data, and with leaks claiming that MagSafe magnets will get stronger. In the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup, it seems that questions about convenient charging technology will grow.

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