iPadOS 15 update brings multitasking improvements with new tools


Apple today unveiled the iPadOS 15 update that is coming soon to iPads with improvements in the multitasking feature with new tools in the user interface.

Apple presented the iOS 15 update at the Developers Conference today with a set of new features that also support users in the iPadOS 15 update, and Apple supports iPads with some exclusive features also in the iPadOS 15 update.

The features provided by Apple in the iPadOS 15 update include the new tools feature provided in the user interface, which comes with the same experience provided by Apple in iOS 14 for iPhone phones.

The user can choose the location of the new tools on the main screen as an alternative to the vertical column installed in the left side of the screen, and the tools come with a new design that matches the large size of the screen.

Apple is also scheduled to support iPads with the feature of the application library that was introduced on the iPhone last year.

The multitasking feature in iPadOS 15 also comes with improvements, as Apple supports the user with tools to multitask across the top of the screen, for a faster experience in selecting and launching an application for use in the split screen, and you can also quickly scroll down from one side of the screen to choose a new application.

Apple also offers new keyboard shortcuts to support the user in managing the multitasking feature with better performance. In the iPadOS 15 update, you can also share notes quickly, or add an @ link in a message to enter the note.

The “activity viewer” feature supports the user in organizing the hashtag, and the “Quick Note” feature supports the user in quickly recording notes by swiping from the side of the screen using the Apple Pencil.



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