iOS 15 tricks.. How to make copies of the application

10 iOS 15 allows the user to have more than one copy of the same application in the phone interface, and this is within the new focus features of the system.

This feature may look like a system malfunction, but in fact it is an intended feature and you are allowed to use it as you wish.

This feature comes within the development of the new focus mode from Apple, as this mode allows you to work on more than one interface and desktop according to your time of day.

With the new feature, you can split apps, which means you can make certain apps run while you’re working.

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This feature allows you to focus on the work you do, and avoid social media apps and games that distract you.

The company may allow opening more than one account through the same application, and this feature is one of the features of the Android system that many prefer.

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Therefore, you can use Twitter as an example through two different accounts if you manage an account for your business, but the company has not yet confirmed this feature.

How to duplicate the application on the iOS 15 interface:

You can duplicate the application on the interface in more than one way, but the final method is the same.

Where you have to drag the application from the list of applications and place it on the front of the phone, but the application will not disappear as it was in the past.

You can access the app library by searching through Spotlight and then dragging the icon from there.

The second way is to take the icon from the application library on the left side of your phone.

And you can repeat this step more than once until the screen is filled with the same application.

More features in the system:

iOS 15 brings a bunch of new features that are in demand from users, and this means that Apple is starting to listen to users.

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The system also comes with updates to the official Apple application group, such as the Music application, which now supports surround sound with all speakers.

The company changed the phone’s notification interface, to bring notifications together in one place in a more organized way.

In addition, the company has updated the wallet application, and it has become like a real wallet that holds all the cards.

Unfortunately, the new wallet update only works in some states.

Apple also changed the interface of some apps in iOS 15, such as Maps and Weather, and the Maps app will vary depending on the city in which you reside.

And the Photos app in iOS 15 allows you to view photos in EXIF ​​format, which represents photos directly from professional cameras.

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