iOS 15 .. All about the new Apple operating system update: reminds you where the headphones are


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The iOS 15 update that Apple intends to release next week during the Worldwide Developers Conference “WWDC 2021” has topped the list of the most searched for on the Google search engine in recent hours.

The new iOS 15 update includes features similar to the Android system, according to its leaks, learn about them through the following lines.

1. With the iOS 15 operating system, an iPhone user can copy and paste any text into any image, in addition to the ability to search within images using the texts on them.

2. A new ability will be added called “Focus mode”, a feature that allows the user to adjust notifications according to his circumstances, such as being asleep, driving or at work, allowing some notifications to work with a sound and other applications that remain silent according to the user’s desire.
Also, a comprehensive control system will be added to display notifications, by setting the priority of the order, and displaying a summary of it according to the importance of the application to the user.

3. iOS 15 allows you to send a link for conversations, provided that users of other systems such as Android or Windows can participate in these conversations.

4. The new update enables the participation of others in video chats, with isolation of the background surrounding the user during the call, as well as noise.

5. The possibility of using the feature of opening the door of the car or room through the phone.

6. The phone, through iOS 15, reminds the user if he forgets the AirPods wireless headphones, by making a sound once away from them.

7. The ability to translate the text has been added in the same place it is used without copying it into a translation application.

8. The possibility of using more than one application at the same time.

9. Add a “Quick Note” widget to easily add notes while using any application.

10. Adding the “iCloud Plus Private Relay” system to support privacy, by encrypting the user’s Internet connection process.

11. Adding the “App Privacy Report” feature, which provides a report on the work of each application.

12. Facilitate the process of recovering accounts if the user loses them by adding “Recovery Contact”, in addition to the possibility of appointing a person to manage the user’s data in the event of his death.

13. The iOS 15 operating system adds the “Health sharing” feature, which enables the user to monitor a person’s health status by issuing a notification in the event of a heart problem, for example, in addition to the ability to measure breathing rate.

14. Availability of Siri Browser for SmartHome devices not manufactured by Apple.

15. Add new features to the watch, such as setting wallpaper or Gifs.

16. Redesigned Safari and Tab Groups support.

17. Adding the ability to use the same mouse and keyboard on different devices such as Mac and iPad.

18. The ability to use the Mac screen to display content from the iPhone through the “AirPlay to a Mac” tool.


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