iOS 15..a new operating system from Apple with an “Android” flavor


Apple plans to finish all preparations related to its new update to iOS 15, which will be launched next week, at WWDC 2021.

The new system will bring many distinctive new features, some of which seem to be borrowed from the Android system.

According to the leaks, iOS 15 will come with different settings for user notifications, where the user will be able to choose whether the phone makes a sound or not, depending on the user’s status, with different preferences for applications and profiles when driving, sleeping or busy at work.

According to Forbes, iOS 15 will get widgets with live updates, a better dark mode, and more improvements to the user interface, including a better lock screen.

iOS 15 will provide a new menu for privacy settings, and it will show users the apps that collect data about them in the background, a feature that appeared some time ago in Android 12, and this new feature will certainly be one of the most prominent features of the new update.

The new system from Apple is expected to be a complete overhaul of the home screen with iPadOS 15, but it is not yet clear whether Apple will allow users to place app icons anywhere on the screen or if they will restrict them.

However, Apple is expected to allow users more options to customize their devices, and this is also inspired by Android, as Google will allow this through the Material You design feature, which will allow Android 12 users to customize the appearance of the phone to match the background.

Reports indicate that Apple will announce improvements to the Siri voice assistant at WWDC 2021 to match current and future developments in Google Assistant, and many users also want Apple to give them some freedom by letting them choose their favorite apps for things like browsing the web or listening to music.


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