International Space Station astronauts complete six hours of space travel to install solar panels


French and US astronauts complete a six-hour spaceflight while installing new solar panels International Space Station (ISS), NASA said.

“It’s a great team effort every time and he couldn’t be happier to be back with astro_kimbrough,” French player Thomas Pesquet said on Twitter on Sunday, referring to his American teammate Shane Kimbero. Basketball with Europeans Location The Kimberley Agency with NASA.

The two men, who arrived at the space station in late April, activated the internal batteries in their spacecraft at 11:42 GMT and then opened the door of the ISS plane.

ESA’s Thomas Peskett (L) is attached to a small foot controller at the end of the Condom 2 robot arm carrying new solar arrays staggered toward the International Space Station’s P-6 truss structure next to US astronaut Shane Kimberly. Photo: NASA/AFP/Getty Images

They continued to install, assemble and assemble six of the new generation solar panels referred to as Euroza for their tiered solar array.

The solar wing rolls like a red carpet, and once the final bolt is released, rely solely on the bending force. The slow and steady rollout took 10 minutes, with the station’s cameras providing live TV footage. “It’s beautiful,” said Baskett.

The mission monitor after the operation replied: “Okay, both of you.” “It was nice to see.”

After a six-and-a-half hour spaceflight, Kimbero, who has three children, wished all flight-controllers a “Happy Father’s Day.” “Thank you for working with us on Sunday.”

The new solar module – five more units to come – will provide the necessary electrical impetus as tests and space for the aging plant drive up demand for tourists.

The 19-meter (60-foot) panels were delivered to the station by an unopened SpaceX plane earlier this month. The astronauts are scheduled to finish installing the second line of solar panels on Friday.

The panels will power both the daily operations and research and science projects being undertaken on the International Space Station, and are expected to have a lifespan of 15 years.

Wednesday’s first spaceflight ran on several snacks, particularly with my Kimbero spacesuit. He temporarily lost data on his Space Suite display unit, then briefly increased the wing pressure reading.

US astronaut Shane Kimbero watched the helmet camera of European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Baskett adjust screws, expand and align solar panels.
US astronaut Shane Kimbero watched the helmet camera of European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Baskett adjust screws, expand and align solar panels. Photo: Elizabeth Menzies/NASA TV/AFP/Getty Images

This is the fourth time that the two astronauts have gone into space together. In addition to space Wednesday, they did so twice in 2017, with the space station connected by ropes orbiting the Earth at an altitude of about 400 kilometers (250 miles).

In total, there are 240 astronauts on the International Space Station where astronauts assemble and perform tasks such as station assembly and maintenance.

AFP and The Associated Press contributed to this report


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