International conference on the future of learning and skills


The University of Dubai concluded the International Conference on the Future of Learning and Skills – Dubai 10X, which included a series of lectures, workshops, debates and electronic presentations via the Zoom application, with the participation of more than 37 countries, with the aim of attracting talent and institutions to explore the possibilities of combining emerging technologies and innovation in the field of learning and knowledge management. .
During the three-day conference, the axes of job opportunities in 2050 were highlighted; The future competencies and skills required for the workplace.
The President of the University, Dr. Issa Al Bastaki, opened the conference in the presence and participation of a group of prominent speakers, researchers, consultants and entrepreneurs from the UAE and the world, stressing that this unique event is part of the university’s mission and strategic plans to enhance future learning and knowledge management, pointing out that it is the responsibility of the university. Universities and educational institutions are responsible for designing and promoting an appropriate academic and professional agenda for future jobs. (wam)


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