(Instagram) prepares the feature to upload photos from the “desktop” computer


Instagram has revealed that it has started testing a feature that gives its users the ability to upload their photos and posts via its desktop version.And about the secret behind providing this feature, a spokesperson for (Instagram) confirmed that its application is well aware that many of its users access it from their computers, and he continued: “In order to improve this experience, we are now testing the ability to create a post on (Instagram) by Their desktop browser,” according to (Sputnik in Arabic).

This is the first time that the Instagram photo and video sharing application allows its users to publish their posts from outside its famous application, as a number of Instagram users have started discovering the activation of the feature to upload their photos and publications via their computers.

And there is no big difference between the posts that are uploaded to (Instagram) via smartphones or the desktop version, indicating that users can still upload multiple photos and make adjustments, as well as improve using photo filters through their personal computer.

Instagram users who wanted to upload their photos and posts from computers resorted to alternative solutions, such as making a change in settings or using third-party applications.

The move constitutes an important change for the Instagram application, and it will be a major step towards making its website as functional as its application, and it is another sign that Instagram is becoming more similar to Facebook.


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