Inspirational stories of bold women highlight mental health challenges


Celebrating the empowerment of women everywhere, the global series of inspiring conversations WHAT SHE SAID returns to W Dubai – The Palm for the second time on Wednesday, June 23, with a session focused on mental health.admin session Kitty Overy, She is a well-known media personality and host of the That Grief Relief podcast, while a group of inspiring women will participate in the event, who will talk about personal stories about how they overcame mental health challenges and succeeded in various fields. Topics range from body positivity, self-acceptance and social media pressures to dealing with loss and facing discrimination – each of the inspiring women talking about the defining moments in their lives and the importance of talking about mental health to break stereotypes, improve relationships, and aid recovery and break the stigma associated with Topics that affect many.

participate in the session Zainab Al-UqabiShe is an athlete of determination and an inspiring speaker who has always supported women, andLatifa bin Haider, co-founder of Mental Health AE – a platform that provides information, resources, and support for psychological well-being and mental wellness. You also join them Naila Al KhajaShe is the first Emirati film director and producer and one of the most prominent advocates of career development for women in male-dominated professions, along with Amani Asebi, a proponent of a positive body view whose upbringing in a diverse environment helped her gain confidence and become the first curvy model in the UAE. Middle East and North Africa.

Commenting on the event, Peter Katusak Huzvar, General Manager of W Dubai – The Palm said: “We are delighted to have the WHAT SHE SAID chain back in Dubai and to host it in our hotel. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and if we don’t hold these conversations we will reinforce stigma. This is why we bring together an elite group of inspiring and daring women who have dealt with mental health challenges, and we hope that their stories will inspire, educate and positively influence other women.

It is worth noting that the WHAT SHE SAID series, which was held in a number of “W” hotels around the world, helped to promote dialogue around women’s empowerment, as each event within the series focuses on highlighting strong and inspiring women in their field to speak through this influential platform their personal stories with the aim of inspiring And empowering the audience in a unique way.


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