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Infiniti Middle East launched the “Their Eyes on You” campaign in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with International Luxury Car Agencies, the official representative of Infiniti in the Kingdom.

This move is in line with INFINITI’s continued efforts to enhance the safety of children while driving, especially after the remarkable success of the campaign in the UAE. With this campaign, Infiniti aims to raise awareness of traffic safety among families in the Kingdom through a series of exciting videos and in cooperation with a number of social media celebrities. The campaign aims to educate children about the right behaviors while driving, which will help raise awareness of the next generation of drivers and encourage them to avoid bad driving habits.

The campaign content includes animated videos in an interesting and simple style, highlighting the basic safety procedures while driving, the behaviors and measures to be adhered to, as well as the negative habits that should be avoided while riding a car.

Infiniti Middle East has been keen to develop the content of the “Their Eyes on You” campaign based on the results of a regional survey on road safety, conducted by the company in cooperation with YouGov. The survey indicated that nine out of ten parents (94%) in Saudi Arabia believe that their children They observe and observe the driving behaviors of drivers, largely believing that they will mimic their behaviour. More than half of Saudi parents (55%) also believe that their children will practice negative adult behaviors while driving, such as not using seat belts and receiving or making phone calls while driving (46%).

Infiniti seeks to spread the culture of conscious and responsible driving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and reduce the rate of traffic accidents by providing children with knowledge and educating them on correct driving behaviors at an early age.

On this occasion, Nassif Seddiqi, General Manager of Infiniti Motors International Markets, said: “Traffic safety awareness and education efforts are one of the primary goals that Infiniti aspires to achieve to encourage drivers to become role models for their children.”

Siddiqi added: “The Eyes on You initiative focuses on a fundamental and urgent issue, which is to draw the attention of parents to their children who monitor their different behaviors while driving, and to promote early awareness of traffic safety among the next generation of drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which ensures their commitment to the highest standards of safety and road safety. . We all know that knowledge is a source of strength for everyone, and we are very pleased to collaborate with a number of social media influencers to make a positive impact in our society.”

The survey was conducted by YouGov, which surveyed 1,869 parents in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Lebanon. The questionnaire showed a discrepancy in the levels of knowledge among drivers, such as knowledge of the correct age to use seat belts, and legal requirements related to child seats, in addition to negative driving behaviors such as using a mobile phone.

To watch the videos of the “Their Eyes on You” campaign for traffic safety in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, please click on the name of the clip to watch:

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