Incredibly fast… an asteroid larger than the blue whale will approach Earth next Saturday!


An asteroid the size of a passenger plane is set to pass near Earth this weekend, as NASA prepares for a “close to Earth” tracking of the massive space rock.The asteroid, dubbed 2021 LV2, is about 100 feet (30 meters) long. This makes it about the size of a passenger plane, and larger than the largest living creature on Earth, the blue whale.

The asteroid is traveling through the solar system at an amazing speed of 7.4 kilometers per second, or 26,000 kilometers per hour.An analysis by NASA revealed that the asteroid will reach its closest point on Saturday, June 26. When it comes close to Earth, the asteroid will be 1.7 million kilometers from our planet.

However, it is close enough for NASA to consider it a NEO class.

Source: Russia Today


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