Increased attempts to explore Venus despite its high temperature

9 Even though Venus is getting warmer than ever, a new third robotic explorer looms over the planet most similar to ours!

A week after NASA announced two new missions to Venus, the European Space Agency said Thursday it plans to launch a spacecraft to orbit the hot planet in early 2030. The probe, called “Envision”, is set to try to explain why the planet is different. Venus is separated from Earth, although the two planets are similar in size and composition.

It is planned that NASA will provide radar for Envision.

NASA’s two upcoming missions to the hottest planet in our solar system mark the first time for the United States in more than 30 years. They are scheduled to launch sometime from 2028 to 2030.

In this regard, Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s chief scientist, tweeted, “It’s the third trip to Venus!”

Europeans recently visited the planet, with their Venus Express orbiting the warm planet until 2014.

Japan has also had an orbiter around Venus since 2015 to study the climate.

It is noteworthy that the thick atmosphere of Venus, saturated with carbon dioxide, is home to clouds of sulfuric acid.

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