Including orange and bronze.. iPhone 13 may arrive in new colors


Thank you for reading the news about technology: including orange and bronze .. iPhone 13 may arrive in new colors and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – There have been several reports regarding the series iPhone 13 Coming, and perhaps one of the most popular reports is that this series will come in a smaller size, while the latest virtual versions of iPhone 13 by famous leaker Ian Zelbo Something different, these shows are based on graphics CAD Final by Jon Prosser.


We can see that iPhone The new one uses the same camera design and a smaller notch as the previous offerings, however, what’s new about this show is the color option. iPhone 13 It will have an orange/bronze color option, and this seems to be more credible than the little-known pink version that was previously circulated online.


And it will remain a chain iPhone 13 It contains four versions, and in terms of appearance, there is no significant change compared to its predecessor, however, this series will come with a larger chip in addition to more storage capacity, the company will also upgrade the screen refresh rate, and as of now, there are reports that the series iPhone 13 It will arrive in September, however, given the times of the pandemic, there may be reasons for the company to postpone the event, however, with vaccination successful in many parts of the world, there will likely be no postponement.


Fatima Nasr

Fatima Nasr

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