Including canned food and soft drinks.. Foods that are recommended to be avoided when infected with Corona


date of publication:
June 06, 2021 12:38 GMT

Update date: June 06, 2021 14:30 GMT

Proper nutrition, a balanced diet and adequate water intake are vital to maintaining our health and fitness.

While the global pandemic, Corona, has affected us negatively, it is now important to lead a healthier lifestyle, as the Corona virus first affects our strength, which makes us feel weak, so the stronger the immune system, the more powerful we are to face this ferocious virus.

With the media talking about what to do when infected with the Corona virus, they often forget to warn about the type of food that should be avoided.

In this report, we review the foods that you should avoid if you test positive for the coronavirus:

Packaged and processed foods

Processed foods that are full of salt should be avoided, which increases the risk of infection and acidity of the patient, as this can cause discomfort to the body and lead to further complications including vomiting or gastritis.


Instead, the World Health Organization recommends eating fresh food with less than five grams of salt per day.

Saturated fat

Avoid eating saturated fats, which raise levels of harmful cholesterol, and high levels of harmful cholesterol increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, which is one of the main concerns of patients infected with the Corona virus.

Therefore, doctors recommend eating healthy fats found in eggs, avocados (also rich in fiber), and dry fruits such as nuts, almonds and cashews.


Coffee, tea and soft drinks

You should avoid drinking coffee, tea or soft drinks that contain caffeine, as they lead to dehydration of the body, which leads to a disturbance in the temperature of the human body. Hot vegetable soup, hot turmeric milk, decaffeinated herbal tea, or lemon-ginger honey in warm water.


Drinking alcohol and smoking

Smoking while infected with the virus can lead to breathing problems, stroke, lower oxygen levels, and affect the lungs.


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