Including against a judge who was “arrested in flagrante delicto” .. Saudi Arabia reveals that it has conducted 9 corruption cases


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced, on Tuesday evening, that it had initiated 9 criminal cases, which came as follows, according to what was reported by the official Saudi Press Agency:

The first case: In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the Public Prosecution, the Presidency of State Security, and the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, (3) employees working in one of the banks (an operations manager and two money changers), and (11) residents, were suspended for establishing commercial entities in the names of their relatives and opening bank accounts. It is managed by residents, and illegally sourced amounts of money are deposited with it amounting to (505,725,336) five hundred and five million seven hundred and twenty-five thousand three hundred and thirty-six riyals, and they are transferred outside the Kingdom and they receive a percentage of those amounts in return for facilitating deposit operations. Bank accounts for more than (40) commercial entities in depositing sums of money and transferring them outside the Kingdom. Work is underway to count them and take the necessary measures against their owners in accordance with the regulations and instructions.

The second case: Suspension of (two employees) at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, and a citizen for participating in establishing a commercial entity and obtaining sub-projects from foreign companies contracting with the Ministry. “The employees supervise the projects of these companies,” as the total value of the contracts they obtained reached (10,000). 000) ten million riyals.

The third caseThe arrest of a judge working as “the head of a department in a commercial court in one of the regions” in flagrante delicto for obtaining an amount (19,500) nineteen thousand and five hundred riyals from an employee of the engineering consultancy offices in return for awarding an arbitration case in a commercial dispute between two companies, and previously obtaining it from engineering consultancy offices Another amount of (22,000) twenty-two thousand riyals in return for awarding arbitration cases.

Fourth case القضية: The arrest of a member of the Public Prosecution in flagrante delicto for obtaining an amount of (30,000) thirty thousand riyals in exchange for keeping a case pending with him and delaying its decision for a period of (7) months in order to pressure one of its parties to obtain the amount.

Fifth case: Suspension of a notary public and a faculty member in a university, for the first obtaining an amount of (20,000) twenty thousand riyals in return for completing the procedures for emptying land for the second in an irregular manner.

Sixth case: Arresting the director of the Noble Qur’an Memorization Complex and a general secondary school at the Ministry of Education in one of the regions for seizing an amount (153,942) one hundred and fifty-three thousand nine hundred and forty-two riyals of the sums handed to her by the ministry and designated for disbursement on the complex.

Seventh case: Suspension of the Director of the Social Security Unit at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in one of the governorates for registering a number of his acquaintances as beneficiaries of insurance with forged medical reports and disbursing the subsidy assigned to them according to those reports. The total amount disbursed amounted to (500,000) five hundred thousand riyals.

The eighth caseThe arrest of an observer at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and (6) residents of the flagrant crime of notifying the residents of the inspection tours before visiting the commercial sites in order to request money from the sites to be visited in exchange for not issuing them for violations. The two mentioned were arrested after receiving a sum of ( 10,000) ten thousand riyals from one of the sites and handed over to the employee.

ninth caseSuspension of an employee at the Ministry of Health for obtaining sums of money from citizens in exchange for their employment in the Ministry. The total amount he received amounted to (40,000) forty thousand riyals.


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