In the video, Zidane gets angry at a journalist because of Real Madrid’s farewell message


In the video, Zidane gets angry at a journalist because of Real Madrid's farewell message

French Zinedine Zidane, the former coach of Real Madrid, angered a journalist, after he was asked about his farewell message to the Royal Club, after he submitted his resignation from the team’s training.

And a video clip of Zidane, angry at the journalist, Sergio Chironte, from the Spanish website “Goal”, spread while he and his family were watching the Rayo Vallecano match against Girona in the framework of the first leg of the promotional supplement to the Spanish first division, in order to support his son goalkeeper Luca Zidane.

Where the journalist asked the French coach: “Did you adopt the wrong Real Madrid show in your farewell message?”

Zidane replied: “Are you going to keep asking the same silly questions and doing the same nonsense?”, and the journalist answers again: “No, I’m only asking about the message.”

Then Zidane angered the journalist: “You ask the same stupid questions as before, what you do is a disgrace, your job is a disgrace, I know you and you know me, the same thing always happens.”

Zidane concluded his speech: “Come here, come, let me talk to you without cameras.”

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Zidane breaks his silence and reveals the reason behind abandoning Real Madrid

Zidane had sent a farewell message to Real Madrid fans, in which he explained the reasons for his resignation, blaming the club’s management for the lack of support and confidence during a period of the season, when the team was suffering from negative results.

Zidane’s future is still ambiguous, as he confirmed his desire to return to training as soon as possible, but media reports confirmed that he will not coach any team next season, and is waiting for the end of the Qatar World Cup 2022 to succeed Didier Deschamps in coaching the French team.

Zidane submitted his resignation from Real Madrid, at the end of the last 2020-2021 season, after a zero season of titles, as Real was eliminated from the Champions League in the semi-finals after defeat against Chelsea, and lost the Spanish League title in the last round by two points from Atletico Madrid.

Source: Madrid Zone


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