In the video .. “The Singing Dog” dazzles the American talent jury


Viewers were surprised by the dog, a Chihuahua, whose owner, Pam, participated in a duet performance of a famous song by American artist Eric Carmen, which she later sang. Celine Dion “All by myself”.

Before performing the song, Simon Cowell, a jury member for the NBC program, said: “I’ve always said if you can find a dog that can sing, you’ll get a fortune.”

After a few more questions from the judges, Pam told her dog:KasperShe will sing the first syllable, provided that he accompanies her in singing the chorus segment.

When “Pam” reached the chorus clip, “Casper” started singing, which caused the four judges to go into a hysterical state of laughter and fascination, which ended at the end of the song with the judges standing up to greet the new star.

Actress and jury member Sofia Vergara told the dog’s owner that the performance was “one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a long time”.

The duo received 4 “Yes” votes, so viewers will see more of Pam and Casper in the coming weeks.


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