In the video .. The policeman killed in Mahboula is a Saudi from a Kuwaiti mother


Khaled Al-Dhafiri (echo):

The uncle of the slain, “Abdulaziz Muhammad al-Rashidi,” who was stabbed this morning by a Syrian expatriate in Kuwait, said that the man was a Saudi national, but that he was a Kuwaiti citizen.

He stressed that the father of the murdered person does not hold Kuwaiti citizenship, but that his soul is sacrificed to Kuwait, in which he was born and raised, and he served in the Ministry of Interior, and his sons worked in the military sectors, adding that the martyr’s family deserves naturalization, according to what he mentioned to “Your Newspaper”.

He pointed out that “Abdulaziz” did not demand citizenship, but now he deserves it after he was killed, stressing that the deceased was betrayed, so he is a martyr, asking God Almighty to forgive him and have mercy on him and enter him into his vast gardens.

He also sent a letter to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior calling for the eradication of the scourge of drugs and iron beatings to maintain security. He also called for a review of the ministry’s security strategy, reiterating his appeal to Kuwait’s leaders to grant the father of the murdered Kuwaiti citizenship.

It is worth noting that the mother of the murdered policeman is Kuwaiti, and Kuwaiti law permits the employment of a Kuwaiti mother in the military sectors, which enabled the deceased to work as a traffic policeman until he was killed this morning by the Syrian expatriate on a public street in the Mahboula area in the Ahmadi Governorate, after stabbing him several times and also stole His weapon and escaped, when he was stopped for committing a traffic violation, in an incident whose details were covered by the newspaper “Echo”.


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