In the video: The Minister of Health reprimands the owner of a drug store with harsh words .. And “highway bandits” assault his companions!?


Hamad Hassan, Minister of Health

As part of his tours of drug warehouses to examine the monopoly practiced by merchants at the expense of the citizens’ health, the Minister of Health in the caretaker government confronted Ahmed Hassan, owner of a medical supplies warehouse in Sad al-Bushrieh, telling him after the prices were revealed: “You earn a thousand percent and you give lessons on chastity… This is what is called a profit, this is a theft!

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Meanwhile, media and activists on social media reported news today, Friday, that “Hassan’s personal companion was beaten by bandits in Naameh, while he was on his way to the participation of the Minister of Health in a raid on a drug store, an element of state security, and he was transferred to the hospital.”

While the Minister of Health has not yet issued any statement clarifying the truth of what happened in Naameh.


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