In the video… Security guards of a shopping mall in Dammam tell the details of their stabbing attack


Dammam (Echo):

Against the background of the overthrow of a citizen who assaulted civil security personnel with a sharp object, in a mall in Dammam, two days ago, the assailants recounted the details of the incident.

One of the security guards said that the perpetrator threatened them while they were performing their work in front of everyone, before he directed several stab wounds to them, one of which came in the back, the other in the shoulder, and the third in the chest area.

One of the abused explained that the offender came to him and threatened to assault him because of preventing his family members from entering the compound, and he came to him again and asked him how much he remembered him, before he suddenly attacked him.

They indicated that they deal with everyone in a relaxed and non-provocative manner, asking for police support during their work.


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