In the video..Sami Moamen: These are the reasons for the union’s debts..Al-Ahly got into a maze!


Sports Al-Marsad: Sports critic Sami Moamen cited the reasons for the increase in Al-Ittihad club’s debts in recent years, noting that the Tigers’ management succeeded in reducing financial waste in the last year.

During his appearance on the “Sports Harvest” program broadcast on the “24 Sports” channel, Sami Moamen said that Al-Ittihad club had involved itself in many crises, such as canceling coach Bilic’s contract and contracting with coach Sierra, contracting with foreign players and loaning some of them to Turkish clubs with a half-endurance. their salary.

Moamen pointed out that Al-Ittihad reduced the amount of financial waste in the last year, as it only contracted with the Egyptian defender Ahmed Hegazy.

Sports critic Sami Moamen talked about Al-Ahly club, saying that Al-Raqi entered a big labyrinth, and went on to say that mismanagement and huge player contracts are the main reason for the clubs’ debts.


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