In the video- Mohamed Ramadan with a muzzle and excited his followers for his song Thabet


Posted by the Egyptian artistMohamed Ramadan​A video clip of him, in which he appeared with a muzzle, accompanied by a group of friends, while he was in an elevator, repeating the words of his new song, “Sabet”, and attached the video to a comment that said: “Ready for Thabet’s song? Your videos on the song Thabet, performed by Jabbar Maajin, with enthusiasm, Aaaah, men.. Trust in God is success.
The lyrics of the song say: “We don’t go to the side of the wall. We walk in the middle of the street. We are afraid of confusion. If there is a click, I do not listen. If you ask to sell our products, one day we will buy a seller.
Ramadan had previously published an excerpt from the song saying: “I do not want a fixed movement, on the principle fixed fixed, for this period of time fixed, on my position I am fixed fixed.”

Muhammad Ramadan provokes anger with his pictures with his two sons, bare-chested

Muhammad Ramadan was widely criticized by the pioneers of social networking sites; Because he appeared half naked with his son and accompanied by his daughter, he published the pictures on his page, in which he appeared in his home, where he was sitting on the ground, and Muhammad Ramadan commented on the pictures, saying: “May God protect my children and protect you your children,” amid several comments by a number of artists who wished his children that May God protect them, but many followers criticized him at times and ridiculed him at other times.
Among the comments, one of them wrote: “Yasta, if you wear two T-shirts for you and your son, say you don’t, while another commented:” “May God bless them, Lord of the worlds.”


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