In the video.. Balqis Fathi gets excited about her criticism of her hair


The artist, Belqis Fathi, was moved to follow up on her criticism of her hair, describing it as “Al-Hayesh” and always scattered, and said that she loves her hair like this, as it suits her face, asking her audience not to comment on it, especially since her hair is “curly” and this is his nature, and any moisture seriously harms him, according to her expression.

Belqis said, in a video clip, that there are a lot of questions and comments from follow-ups about her hair, they always classify it as “Haish”, and some ask me to comb it or “ascor” it. ».

She added that the second thing is that she loves him like this, and that she will not comb him no matter what happens, because it suits her like this on her face and features, noting that she loves herself very much: “Blaise, no one comments on him, I love you bye.”

The artist, Belqis, had earlier praised herself, stressing that she adored her new personality; Being a strong and different personality, as she put it.

Belqis shared a video clip, in which she challenged her fans by practicing the sport of standing on a rubber ball in a balanced manner without falling.


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