In the video .. A sudden response from the famous Snape “Ahmed Al Salem” to a girl who is considering suicide!


Al-Marsad newspaper: The reaction of the famous Snape Ahmed Al-Salem to a girl who asked for his advice about suicide sparked a state of controversy among the social media audience.

In the details, Al-Salem responded to one of his followers, who told him: “How can I remove the idea of ​​suicide from my head? You see, I speak very seriously,” in a sarcastic manner, and he said with a laugh: “What is it about me, my daughter, what is it about… Follow a series on Netflix. Your comrades.. get up and go out.. what is the point of committing suicide?

The audience criticized Salim’s response, especially when he indicated with his hand that the questioner had a mental problem, and because of his sarcasm and laughter while responding to her, considering that the issues of suicide and depression should be dealt with seriously even if he was not sure that the message was real.


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