In protest against a controversial law, a rainbow flag fan storms the Germany-Hungary match


A German fan carrying the “rainbow” flag, which represents the “gay community,” stormed the Allianz Arena in Munich, before the start of the Germany-Hungary match, on Wednesday.

The fan appeared to storm the field, waving the flag of the “gay” community in front of the players, during the playing of the national anthem of Hungary before the start of the match, before the stadium security men stopped him and took him away from the field.

The German fans who crowded the stadium’s stands booed as the Hungarian anthem was played.

The fan wanted “the intruder in the stadium” and the German fans, through their actions, to confirm their support for the “gay community”, and to protest against a law passed by the Hungarian (Hungarian) government, which prohibits the sharing of any content that deals with homosexuality or transsexualism with minors.

It should be noted that the match between Germany and Hungary, which falls within the framework of the third and final round of Group F in the finals of the European Nations Cup, ended in a positive 2-2 draw, to qualify Germany to the final price, while Hungary called the continental competition.


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