In pictures: Basma Selim captures the atmosphere with a special photo session with the artist Menna Fadali


The well-known fashion designer, Basma Selim, held a special photo session with the artist, Menna Fadali, in line with the fashion of summer 2021, where Basma Selim confirmed that the dress fits one of the fashion trends in terms of the simple design consisting of satin without any interference from other types of fabrics and took the green color as a distinctive color for the design without Embroidery.

She added: I made sure to put the star Menna Fadali in a completely different mold, where the upper part of the design contained a holographic shape with a thin belt on the waist to highlight her beauty, and the lower part was broken into pieces to give it a fluffy shape for a soft and attractive look of very sophistication and beauty.

She also confirmed that the color of the dress suits her features, especially that it is full of vitality and activity, so she appeared in a new and distinctive look at the level of elegance and beauty.


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