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Monday 14 June 2021

Dialogue- Muhammad Mahdi:

The weather was not ideal to go out in the early hours to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, but wildlife photographer “Mustafa El-Berlusi” and a number of people from the area moved hastily from their homes to search for the lion “Scarface” in order to sit with him in the last hours, after his health indicators showed the approaching moments Farewell “in order to protect him from the rest of the animals, and to ensure that nothing will disturb him when he leaves life,” Al-Berlusi mentions in his interview with Masrawy.

Since Barlusi left Egypt in 2017, to live in the confines of Kenya’s wildlife, the daily talk in the Maasai Mara Reserve revolves around the most famous lion in Africa. “Scarface is part of our daily life. We must see and photograph him or ask for his news and check on him.” The lion with the famous scar in His right eye is of great interest, both locally and globally, for “visitors from all parts of the world to see him.”

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“Scarface” became famous for his strength, courage and ability to rule a large number of lions for many years despite his injury that occurred in 2012 while defending his land, according to a wildlife photographer, “and his second injury to the thigh, people expected at the time that he would die and would not be the king of logic, but he is the rule of the group For a long time, he ruled other groups of lions”, as well as his name being associated with the cartoon movie The Lion King, although there is no similarity between him and the character that appeared in the famous work.

After hours of searching, Al-Burlusi and his companions arrived at “Scarface” at seven o’clock in the morning. The lion sits in a state of fatigue, moves slowly, looks around a little and sits in his place. “We found him in the place where I was born, he deserted his original kingdom and chose to die there.” The information received was By a team of veterinarians that he only needs to calm down and “there is no medical need they can provide to live” within meters of his body, the Egyptian wildlife photographer kept looking sadly at “Scarface”, remembering his unusual biography while documenting the matter with his lens.


The story of “Scarface” does not contain miracles or supernatural situations, “as some people have promoted on the social media, but his story is certainly dramatic and different.” His clan and his sisters who stood with him, and during the last period when he was tired and was unable to hunt, he was eating with the help of lions strange to him, and this is a rare thing.”

Al-Burlusi’s line of thoughts was suddenly cut off when some people passed by to take a farewell look at the most famous lion in Africa. “Many people were attacking him and walking, but we preferred his side until the end.” After 5 hours of their presence next to him, someone shouted at the death of “Scarface” hearts tightened, a cloud of sadness The place was filled with tears as they approached the lion to confirm the bad news, “It was a sad day for everyone, people cried for him because he is an icon for us.”

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Al-Burlusi did not expect the news of the death of “Scarface” to spread with such a wide picture, “I thought he would be known in Kenya only and those interested in the lives of lions,” but the Kenyan lion soon became a global “trend” and many media outlets discussed the matter with great interest, while the Egyptian photographer was keen on a video documenting the last moments of Scarface”, which was followed by about 24,000 people, as well as his attempt to deny false information on social networking sites.

At the end of the difficult day, a decision was issued within the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya to honor “Scarface” in a special and unusual way “as a kind of cream. He was buried to preserve his body from mutilation.” In normal circumstances, he is left to let nature take its course, but the Kenyan lion remained even after his death in a special place .

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