In a romantic situation.. Sherine Abdel Wahab publishes photos of her collection with her husband Hossam Habib


The Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab celebrated the birthday of her husband, the artist Hossam Habib, where she posted a picture of her husband, through her personal account on “Twitter”, sending a romantic message to him, expressing her intense love for him.
The letter that Abdel Wahab wrote to her husband included a special greeting for him on his birthday, wishing that he would be in good health and lasting health, and that it would remain for her as safety, bond, success, prestige and money, stressing that the word love is very few for him, and does not express the feelings inside of him towards him, saying : “Every year you are good, my love, and every year you are my wishes, my bond, my success, my status and my money. I love you, seriously, a few words on my feelings.”

Abdel Wahab had previously flirted with her husband, Hossam Habib, expressing her strong love for him, and praying to God not to deprive her of him and to grant him a blessing for her until the end of her life.
Abdel-Wahab shared her audience on Twitter, a picture of her husband Hossam Habib, attached to the comment: “I love you .. God is what deprives me of the beats of your heart that we sleep on their voice every day, and will keep you blessed for the end of life.”

It is noteworthy that during the last period, rumors abounded about Abdel Wahab’s relationship with her husband, but the Egyptian artist denied all rumors, accompanied by her husband, artist Hossam Habib, or they were reticent about the response.
In addition, Abdel Wahab had previously resolved the controversy surrounding her marriage and her separation from her husband, artist Hossam Habib, with conclusive evidence, denying her divorce from him by publishing a picture with him embracing her, writing ironically to her followers on Twitter: “.

The artist Hussam Habib had sent a message before her to what he described as a “press prosecutor”, after circulating news about a dispute between him and his wife Abdel Wahab, saying that he wrote an offensive tweet to the people who promoted that rumor, but he quickly deleted it out of respect for the journalists. ” The honorable people, ”as he described them, continued:“ As for the other people claiming the press, God suffices, and yes, the agent. Fear God to deal with people’s symptoms, ”concluding with a sentence:“ Die with your anger. ”
Sherine Abdel Wahab had previously denied, via Twitter, the news of her dispute with her husband, pointing out that she had read some news and rumors that were not related to the truth and were not accurate at all, adding: “I love you, my friend,” while Habib was satisfied with the use of a Quranic verse. And it is: “In their hearts is a disease, so God has increased their disease.”
It should be noted that Hossam Habib’s marriage to Sherine Abdel Wahab took place in April 2018, but they have not yet had children, and Abdel Wahab married twice, the first to composer and arranger Mohamed Mustafa, and the marriage lasted between them for 5 years and resulted in two daughters. They are “Maryam” and “Hana”, and the second is from Hossam Habib.


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