Ilham Al-Fadala justifies the story of her image mounted on the body of a foreign model after the attack on her – with pictures


Many activists on social media attacked the Kuwaiti actressImportant FadalahThrough one of the platforms, after sharing a new photo of her, in which she appeared with amazing grace, as if she had lost a lot of weight, so that the followers expressed their admiration, and then soon discovered that the photo was a composite and fake.
One of the pages interested in communicating celebrity news revealed the fakeness of the image, by publishing a picture of the original model and another for the virtue, for comparison and showing the truth, which made many followers launch an attack on it after it became clear that the image is a face of inspiration installed on the body of a foreign model.
However, after mockery and criticism, Elham published her comments and the original photo that the fans installed and responded to the aforementioned page, considering that fans always do such things, and that the page that published the photo cut off the signature of Al-Fadala fans.
Al-Fadala celebrated her forty-eighth birthday a few days ago, and shared with her audience some of the details and atmosphere of the ceremony by publishing a set of photos taken in a special photo session, which she underwent on this occasion.


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