Ignite Ronaldo’s anger .. Who is the referee of the opening match of Euro 2020?


The European Football Association (UEFA) has announced the referee who will officiate the opening match of Euro 2020 between Italy and Turkey.

The match will be held at ten in the evening, Friday, Mecca time, at the Olympic Stadium in the Italian capital, Rome, in the first round of Group A.

The referee for the match between Italy and Turkey at the opening of Euro 2020

UEFA decided to appoint Dutchman Danny Makele as a referee in the upcoming match, which sparked great controversy during the match between Portugal and Serbia in the European qualifiers for the World Cup 2022.

Dutch duo Hessel Stegstra and Jan de Vries were also appointed as assistants, along with their compatriot Kevin Blum for video technology.

Makelele ignited the anger of Cristiano Ronaldo, the legend of Portugal, during his country’s match against Serbia, last March.

While the result was a 2-2 draw, Ronaldo hit a ball that crossed the goal line before being pushed away by the Serbia defender, and the referee refused to count the goal, although the television replay showed his health, and indeed Makele apologized after the end of the match.

That shot ignited the anger of Ronaldo, who exploded and threw the captaincy to the ground and left the green rectangle before the final whistle.


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