If they reach the “Euro 2020” final… Rewards of another kind for Germany players Football


It is common knowledge that if any team achieves an achievement or title, players are offered financial or in-kind rewards. However, Germany’s players were promised other kinds of rewards if they qualified for the Euro 2020 final.

The German national team players will be able to go beyond the healthy diet set for them, by eating fish and chips.

And the team’s chef, Anton Schmaus, said – in press statements – that he is ready to make this exception based on his list of purchases in recent matches.

He added, “London will not only be the venue for my semi-final matches, but also the final will be played there, and if we get to that role there should be fish and chips for a change and celebrate this day, otherwise it is not a typical food for athletes.”

Schmaus has been cooking for the national team for the past 4 years and is confident that Manuel Neuer and his teammates will have a chance of getting the dish.

“I firmly believe that the German national team can become European champions, the team has enormous potential, we are not among the favorites and that can be a decisive advantage,” he explained.

The German national team is placed in a difficult group, starting with the world champion France on Tuesday, and the team will also have to face Portugal, the last title holder, and Hungary.

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