iCloud Plus will not work in Saudi Arabia


Apple announced a new subscription called iCloud Plus, which is a more professional version of the iCloud service for cloud storage.

The iCloud Plus subscription includes a set of features that focus on privacy and protection of users’ data, and the service comes at the same old prices as the iCloud service.

New features in iCloud PLus include an Apple VPN subscription and the ability to hide your device’s digital address.

And the feature to hide the digital address of the device will not work in a group of countries around the world, including Colombia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Uganda, China and the Philippines.

This step comes so that Apple can provide its services in China specifically. Apple has made many sacrifices for China. And theIn 2018, it stored some iCloud data in China under the protection of a Chinese company.

Apple claimed at the time that this move was made to increase the speed and performance of the iCloud service in China.

But the move has raised concerns about the Chinese government’s access to users’ data. This made some think that Apple does not protect its users.

Apple has removed a handful of VPN apps from the Chinese App Store. China accounts for more than 15 percent of the company’s global sales.

The new Private Relay feature within the iCloud plus subscription encrypts all incoming and outgoing data from the user’s device.

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It also gives the user a new IP number to hide his real address, and the way it works is similar to VPN apps.

Apple claims the feature hides the user’s address from internet companies, advertisers, and Apple itself. Apple developed this feature with Cloudflare Security Solutions.

iCloud PLus subscription features:

The new iCloud plus subscription comes with a set of features and additions to the old subscription, such as: email hiding and the Private Relay feature that we talked about above.

The second feature, which is to hide e-mail, allows you to sign up for sites through a fake account that Apple provides you with.

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This allows you to avoid news bulletins from websites, data leaks and annoying advertising messages.

But this feature only works by choosing to sign up with an Apple account, so the site must support it initially.

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Apple is also introducing new updates to its HomeKit Secure Video home monitoring system.

With the new changes, Apple allows you to add backup accounts to your iCloud account.

The first account helps you recover data in case you lose your iCloud account, and the second account inherits all your old data.

In addition, this feature allows you to recover all the photos stored under the deceased person’s account, along with his messages and phone history.


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