iCloud Plus from Apple brings several new features


belbalady.net Apple is improving its iCloud service with a new set of features called iCloud Plus.

The cloud storage service now comes with VPN access, backup email addresses, and unlimited storage for HomeKit-enabled home security cameras.

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A VPN, called Private Relay, routes your internet traffic through two phases to mask who is browsing and where that data is coming from.

Apple is trying to differentiate the feature from a traditional VPN. Apple says Private Relay is not a VPN because it sends data through that second step.

Apple explains that this second step prevents any party, including Apple itself, from seeing all of your browsing data.

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iCloud Plus from Apple:

The email feature called Hide My Email allows you to create single-use email addresses that you forward to your actual account.

This way, you can deliver junk email to a service you don’t trust in case it starts sending you spam.

Apple offers a similar feature through Sign In With Apple.

Apple also includes unlimited video storage from HomeKit-enabled home security cameras.

Currently, you need to pay for at least 200GB of iCloud storage to record video from a single camera. And you need to pay for a higher level to support more streaming and storage.

All features are meant to be included in existing iCloud plans at no additional cost.

Apple did not say if the feature would be available through its cheapest plans, which do not currently support HomeKit video storage.

Apple is also introducing new features to help manage your iCloud account. A new recovery feature allows the company to send security codes to your friends or family if your device is lost.

Additionally there is also the Digital Legacy program that allows you to choose who can access your files after your death.

The iPhone manufacturer has not announced a new update for the free iCloud plan storage space, which is still at 5 GB.

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