I was touched by the audience’s reception of “Ghadara Ya Donia”


Myriam Fares was touched by the audience's reception of Ghaddar Ya Donia

Of 24: After Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, “Netflix” is showing a documentary about Lebanese singer Myriam Fares. As soon as the movie “Myriam Fares The Journey” was broadcast, its duration did not exceed one hour and 12 minutes, and even once its promotional advertisement was shown, the controversy did not subside on social networking sites among those interested in the art world, as the discussions came to compare what was presented by the first Arab artist to appear With my documentary on the world’s most prominent online platform, and other similar works that dealt with stars in Europe or America.

mother and wife

The film focuses largely on Myriam Fares, the mother and housewife who sews clothes, cooks and celebrates her son, and contradicts her disappeared husband in turn, that aspect that has remained mysterious in the life of a singer and actress who has always been keen to keep the details of her private life away from the followers, and gives them only broad lines. But this time, she brought them to her home, perhaps out of love for communication and participation and under the pressure of the human pressure she found herself in, during the Corona closures, after she did not stop attending festivals and parties.

It is noteworthy that the documentary, which deals with the story of a difficult year in the life of its heroine and the lives of the majority of the population of the earth at all levels, seems very open about revealing the diaries of his star, but at the same time Miriam is still keen to hide the features of her husband, businessman Danny Mitri, and her eldest son Jayden. While the followers expected that this would be an opportunity to finally reveal their features, the idea of ​​privacy triumphed again.

The panic of the running child after the Beirut explosion rocked his house on August 4, 2020, may have been a suitable entry for the documentary, so the touching shot of Jayden, aged five, seemed to be one of the strongest points of the film, and it could have been focused on and given its right emotionally more, But it may compensate her for the public to see another face of Miriam, who spoke frankly about what is happening in her country, perhaps for a rare time, and cried, criticizing the rampant corruption in institutions, announcing once again her support for the protests and her shock at the high price of the dollar and the difficulty of living in the country in general. These are things that I summed up with the phrase “I don’t want to.” She is like everyone else, even if she is a well-off artist. The situation is difficult for her on more than one level, but she also does not want to emigrate.

All opinions are welcome

Comments about the film varied, including opinions appreciating the step and level of implementation, and Miriam’s return to media and artistic appearances.

Myriam says to “The Independent Arabia” that she was greatly affected by the positive reactions, especially that she succeeded in speaking about the crisis of her homeland and the tragedy experienced by people through an international platform that broadcasts a film about it to all countries of the world and in several languages, including French and English.

Myriam, who is known for her performance of songs in all Arabic dialects, continued, “I opened my family’s house to share some details of my life with the audience, and the documentary is a touching experience for me and I am glad that it reached people.”


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“A luxurious woman spends the quarantine period in her luxurious palace and looks unconvincing.” One of the comments that criticized Myriam Fares’s journey through “Netflix”, but the surprise is that the artist, the owner of one of the most successful songs in the last Ramadan season that accompanied a commercial advertisement, does not seem to be much bothered by the criticism and did not launch accusations against its owners, but deals with it simply and comments on it. He said, “I accept all opinions and the idea of ​​working in the artistic field in general makes me anticipate the positives and the negatives, and I always like to spare my efforts for people who see the positives. In the end, nothing is complete without flaws or mistakes.”

The documentary, which appeared in the manner of reality TV, appears as a very personal gesture and a moment of reconciliation between Myriam Fares and her followers, as she is always accused of being far from her audience and hiding the secrets of her life in an exaggerated way and surrounding herself with walls, especially in recent years in her artistic production, so she explained at length the health complications Which she underwent, including her miscarriage and a delicate illness about four years ago, a period during which she faced a lot of rumors and gossip. The singer and actress, known for her elaborate showmanship, does not have the hobby of appearing on “Kashf al-Mashid” programs, and lamenting over personal crises that have become popular on most stations.

“Fear of illness and isolation from the young son who resides in front of the mother’s room who doubts her infection, anxiety about a pregnancy that comes after a difficult abortion, crises, suffering and protests in the street as political tension escalates in a year that is burning enough due to the spread of the Corona virus”, scenes reviewed in detail by the film And it was finally concluded with the birth of little Dave, a lively dance and a song bearing the same name, to announce the return of Myriam Fares to compete in the world of albums after an absence.

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