I was exposed to a medical error.. Learn about the accident of Fatima Koshary


Dubai: «The Gulf»

A number of social networking sites circulated a picture of the artist Fatima Koshary while she was lying on a bed in a hospital, after she underwent, the past few days, an operation, after she was ill, and then suffered a medical error.

The story began when Koshary felt ill 3 months ago, and underwent a hernia operation, and 4 days after that surgery, she was surprised by a strange pain similar to a tumor next to the place of the operation, so she went to the doctor and underwent another operation, and discovered that the doctor forgot inside her. a medical gauze,” which caused her this suffering.

And Fatima is one of the most famous co-stars in Egyptian cinema and enjoys a lightness of shadow, as comedy stars use her in their films. She entered the field of art by chance, where she was going to buy something, and on the street in which she was there was work being filmed, so I went to the staff and asked To be involved with them as extras.

Her first appearance was in the 1981 movie “The Grandchildren’s Struggle” and “The Execution Brigade”.


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