I agreed with Biden to return the ambassadors


Back 4 hour summit in Geneva Between US Presidents Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin, Putin announced on Wednesday an agreement with his American counterpart on the return of their ambassadors, adding that the timing of their return is a “purely procedural issue.”

“The conversation was very constructive,” Putin said during a press conference in Geneva, adding that they “agreed to start consultations on cyber security.”

No invitations to visit

He explained that Biden did not invite him to visit the White House, nor did he invite his American counterpart to visit the Kremlin.

He announced that he spoke with Biden about the Ukraine crisis, noting that Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not up for discussion.

He also added that the US president pledged to extend the START agreement for 3 years.

Putin and Biden (AFP)

Putin and Biden (AFP)

‘America is carrying out killings’

But the Russian president acknowledged the existence of differences with Washington on a number of issues, implicitly accusing America of carrying out killings in several regions of the world.

While he accused Washington of being responsible for the strained US-Russian relations, he did not rule out reaching an agreement with Washington on the prisoner exchange.

‘We are an enemy country’

He pointed out that Washington announced its support for opposition political organizations in Russia, pointing out that the United States classified Russia as an enemy country.

Regarding Russia’s accusations of militarizing the Arctic, he said, “Washington should not worry about Russia’s militarization of the strategic Arctic, where Russia does not hide its ambitions. The US side’s concern about militarization is baseless… On the contrary, I am convinced that we must cooperate.”

Putin during the press conference

Putin during the press conference

The two presidents gathered for a summit today, Wednesday, in a luxury villa in Geneva, where Biden stressed that direct meetings are always better. He stressed the importance of meeting face to face, in an attempt to reduce tensions between the two countries.

The two presidents arrived earlier today at Villa Lagrange, where they were received by the President of the Swiss Confederation, Guy Parmelin.

The three exchanged greetings and handshakes, while the Swiss host stressed his desire for a constructive dialogue between the two presidents for the benefit of the world.


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