I achieved my dream in Egypt.. and stood in front of Yousra and Nelly Karim


She carries within her an extraordinary passion for the acting profession, which makes her enjoy the experiences away from any fear or anxiety, and despite the fact that the Lebanese actress and media personality, Cynthia Khalifa, presented a number of works in Lebanon and some Arab works, and she also started her journey with acting 10 years ago, but this year the drama penetrated Al-Masrya strongly, through two works with “Al-Adl Group”, made the viewers’ eyes increase their focus with her through the characters “Nadine” and “Maya”.

Cynthia Khalifa and Yousra

Cynthia Khalifa and Yousra

She confirmed that when she came to Egypt, she was an acting trainee and not a beginner, but she weighed her talent and training by standing in front of a big star the size of Yosra and Nelly Karim and working with director Sameh Abdel Aziz and with a producer named Gamal El-Adl in her first work in Egypt…

During her dialogue with Al-Arabiya. We reveal many behind the scenes and stories.

How was your entry into Egyptian drama?

I presented many works at the local level in Lebanon, but I decided to follow my dream, as I always wanted to stand in front of the screen as an actress and not as a journalist, so I chose my path in the drama industry. After traveling to France and America, I decided to go to Egypt. I always dreamed of entering an industry. The Egyptian art, and to work in it, and indeed the dream came true after my manager, who is a friend of mine, made her contacts, and I reached what I am today.

Cynthia Khalifa and Yousra

Cynthia Khalifa and Yousra

The presence of a team in Egypt that is excited to work with me was a great incentive for me to take this big step. I completed what I started nearly ten years ago as an actress. I have my own dramatic experience that I cherish, which contributed to my maturity as an actress, but Egypt offers the actor broader horizons, especially And that work is based on professionalism.

Your participation in two works of the size of “Civil War” and “Against Al Kasr” with your first look on the Egyptian screen in Ramadan, which is one of the important dramatic seasons?

I am very lucky, and happy to be in two works of this size, and I acted for the first time in the Egyptian drama with two stars the size of Yousra and Nelly Karim, but of course I was very terrified, so I remember when I stood in my first scene in front of the star Yousra I was worried and terrified and I could not believe what I was going through And the director was forced to repeat the scene more than once because of my excessive anxiety, as I present the character of an evil, treacherous and greedy woman, and I am the cause of all the problems that happen to Yousra within the events of the series.

Cynthia Khalifa

Cynthia Khalifa

The matter was also a challenge, and it was never easy, but I worked hard and was pleased with the reactions. The two characters that I embodied agree in evil, and differ in choices and attitudes. Nadine in a “civil war” is an evil and treacherous stepmother, and “Maya” In “Against the Break”, a husband kidnaps his wife after luring him, and she always tries to spoil what is between them, so it was a great challenge, especially with the strength of the dramatic competition this year, and I also found a space of positive competition and big stars who gave me space to develop myself and my performance.

How did you master the Egyptian dialect in this way?

Egyptian is a dialect that loves the heart, but mastering it is not easy, and I did not follow Egyptian works, as my culture tends more towards European, so I had to use professors and a dialect coach to master it, and he recorded my phrases with his voice as an Egyptian, and I followed many Egyptian films and series to capture the spirit The accent, if we master a certain language, you must approach it and become a part of your life, so I spoke with the taxi driver, the seller and the baker, in order to be familiar with all its popular expressions, and this took me nearly 5 months to train it well, so I mastered the language of the country It was one of the most difficult exams in this experience and before the start of filming.

Cynthia Khalifa and Yousra

Cynthia Khalifa and Yousra

The character you presented in “Civil War” is complex and very evil, weren’t you afraid of the audience’s reaction to you, especially since a large number of viewers declared their hatred for you?

I support that, Nadine is a very complex character, not like the roles that I presented before, which were mostly about a good girl, but I liked the change this year, especially that with my first step in working in Egypt, I loved being in the Ramadan race in a different way and a complex role, and it is possible that I say that this role is one of the most beautiful roles that I have played in my life, as it is not one of the women we meet every day, so I had difficulty understanding her motives and the reasons for her actions, to the point that five days before the start of filming I locked myself in a closed camp because I could not see any A link between us and I spoke with the scriptwriter Ahmed Adel, and I told him that I could not fall in love with her, but he helped me, because the complexity of the character was what prompted me to participate in this work. It was a challenge for me, and the audience hated me because of my personality in front of Yousra, and I met some women in the street and knew They are mad at me, they can’t differentiate between me and the character, which is a success in itself, and in the future I will present a good character for the sake of the public.

And how did you find working with Yousra, director Sameh Abdel Aziz, and producer Jamal Al-Adl?

Working with a big star the size of Yusra is something that made me very happy. She is a beautiful, kind and professional star. She helped me a lot. She gave me many tips, including how to search between the words written in the script, and how to present it. She helped me broaden my horizons in reading the text and how to perform it, and encouraged me. After the show was shown, she gave me a great positive energy to continue my career, and therefore I had to thank her for her approval of my presence in the series and her trust in a new face with a work bearing her name in Ramadan in an important role, and from my childhood I dreamed of standing in front of her and my dream came true.

Nelly Karim

Nelly Karim

As for the director, Sameh Abdel Aziz, he has great experience, which is evident in his smooth dealings with me. His advice is always in place, or even every detail he adds to the character or to the work. He works calmly without nervousness, which is one of the things that helped me a lot because of the idea of ​​psychological peace that was on the set, As for Jamal Al-Adl, I am grateful to work with him, and Al-Adl Company, which is one of the respected companies in the Arab world, embraces me, trusts me, and presents me with two of their productions.

What about working with Nelly Karim, how did you find him in the series “against al-kasr”?

She is a wonderful artist, I was happy to work with her, and every minute she brought us together on the set, and in acting she is interested in being very natural, as she is from the acting school naturally, meaning that it is possible to increase words or act on the scene that is not written, or change the scene itself to appear more Natural, which is a spontaneous method that I love, and this performance helped me greatly, especially since Maya’s character in the series is close to mine, in terms of appearance and age, and as a half-foreign character, she was natural and different from Nadine, and she also fell in love with a married person and she is a victim of this As for the language, it was not a big challenge for me because, as I mentioned, it is half foreign.

How did you manage to reconcile the characters in the two works?

I was shooting Nadine and Maya on the same day, I finished Nadine and moved on the same day to shoot Maya, and I insisted on proving that I was able to present two characters at the same time and in the best way, so I used a blackboard and divided it into two halves, one for Maya and the other for Nadine, and I drew the details of the two roles, and I made sure that they were Completely different, in terms of the way they speak, the motives, the likes and dislikes of the two characters, as well as the attention to small details.

You stood in front of Yousra and Nelly Karim, what did you learn from them?

I learned a lot.. The first of which is how to be a star and at the same time a natural person. I realized that the real star is the one who maintains being a natural person, civilized, simple and humble, and does not deal with superiority with those around him. I learned the true love of the profession, passion, respect for appointments, and respect for all People, talking to them, joking with them, professionalism at work.

Who are the art makers in Egypt that you wish to work with?

I hope to work with director Marwan Hamed, and Mona Zaki, and I am interested to work again with Aser Yassin. I loved that experience a lot, and I will have the honor to work with leader Adel Imam, which is something I wish a lot, and a number of other big and young stars.

In the works that you presented, there is a competition between the number of nationalities participating in each of them?

I disagree with you. The competition in the two works is based on the actor’s ability to embody the character he presents. For the first time, I am categorized by how hard I work and not as a foreign or Lebanese actress, which I thank those who work on it very much.

And what’s new for you? Will you return to the announcer’s seat again?

I worked as a broadcaster for a long time, but now I focus entirely on acting, but I will certainly return to the announcer chair one day, but with a program of my preparation and my idea and present content that helps communicate my ideas. As for the new one, I contracted with Al-Sabah Company on a new job that will be filmed in Lebanon With an Egyptian team, and there is also a dramatic work with producer Mohamed Hefzy under the name “Bimbo” directed by Amr Salama, one of the directors I dreamed of working with, and co-starring Ahmed Malik, Hoda Al-Mufti and rapper Wiggs in his first appearance in the drama, as he appeared as a guest Sharaf in a film also produced by Hefzy, in which he appeared as a guest of honor with Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, and there is an Arab series that I still read that will be filmed in Lebanon.


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