Hyundai.. Operating air taxis in America by 2025


The South Korean industry giant Hyundai is working to realize its dream of developing flying cars, and it expects to have an air taxi service in operation by mid-2025, and this bold prediction came through the director of global operations and CEO of the company in North America Jose Munoz, in a statement to Reuters.

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Munoz’s comments contradicted the company’s previous estimates that air taxi flights would be operational by 2028, and Hyundai has shown some models of its air taxis and airports, which it intends to build in 25 US cities. It is a quadcopter powered by batteries.

The company also recently announced a significant investment of up to $7.4 billion in the United States, to produce electric vehicles and develop smart mobility solutions. Munoz emphasized that Hyundai is seeking to develop smart solutions that can be used even in the areas of freight and freight transport.

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