Hussein Barakat: The death of a detainee in Jaw Central Prison with the Corona virus raises anger and concern about the situation of prisoners in Bahrain


The name “Hussein Barakat”, who died in Jaw Central Prison after being infected with the Corona virus, spread on the communication sites in Bahrain today.

Jurists held the government responsible for Barakat’s death and said that dozens were suffering from “health neglect” in prison, while a statement by the Ministry of Interior said that Barakat was receiving full health care in addition to receiving the Corona virus vaccine.

photo released, Twitter

From health problems to death

A few days ago, the banned Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society warned of the dangerous health condition of Hussein Barakat inside prison, after he contracted Covid 19.

Human rights activists, including the activist, Ibtisam Al-Sayegh, accused the prison administration of procrastinating in providing Barakat with health care because he had been suffering from “health problems for a while.”


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