“Huawei” hands over to the first customer in Saudi Arabia the “HUAWEI Vision S” smart screen – Saudi News


Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia announced the first delivery of its new smart screen “HUAWEI Vision S” to the first customer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This screen is part of Huawei’s new range of breakthrough hardware products; It was pre-ordered through Huawei’s online store and shipped very quickly to the customer in Riyadh.

Huawei is pleased to offer its new range of breakthrough device products to its customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to deliver the first “HUAWEI Vision S” screens to a satisfied customer in the Kingdom. Huawei has invested in providing customers with a high-quality shopping experience and fast delivery.

Consumer interests in the HUAWEI Vision S range of screens have been exceeding expectations, since Huawei announced the availability of screens for pre-order, and the company is looking forward to offering more of this futuristic product to its customers during the next week.

Saad Al-Fawaz, the first customer to receive the “HUAWEI Vision S” screen, commented: “I was astonished by the high quality service provided by Huawei and the speed of delivery. Huawei was fast and professional in various aspects of the delivery process, which made me feel comfortable and happy, in addition to enjoying the amazing features of this smart screen, which include a 120Hz refresh rate, and the “MeeTime” feature for making voice and video calls in high resolution up to 1080p, which allows me to Communicate with loved ones in full fidelity with an immersive audio experience.”

“MeeTime” for 1080p audio and video calls: Connecting with loved ones is easy

The HUAWEI Vision S display comes with a “MeeTime” feature that enables voice and video calls to be made in high definition up to 1080p, allowing users to make and receive video calls on a large screen with high quality. In addition, users can easily transfer the video call from their phone to the big screen, giving them the freedom and opportunity to enjoy an immersive audiovisual experience at any time.

To support video calls and home photography, the HUAWEI Vision S display is equipped with a 13-megapixel magnetic camera that can be easily installed, adjusted and removed to ensure flexibility and control without affecting privacy and security. The camera has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and it supports video shooting and still image capture.

Stunning picture with 120Hz refresh rate..Advanced graphics performance

The HUAWEI Vision S is an advanced smart display designed to serve as the center of the digital lifestyle at home. Featuring a 120Hz refresh rate, the screen offers a new level of immersive viewing, with twice the image refresh rate compared to 60Hz displays, in addition to its Stunning Color technology.

HUAWEI Sound Speaker: A wall-to-wall listening experience

To ensure great sound with optical performance, the HUAWEI Vision S display is equipped with four 10W speakers each, two of which are full frequency 10W and two other high frequency speakers are 2W. The screen is also equipped with the advanced audio processing algorithm “HUAWEI Histen”, sound enhancement technology and psychoacoustic and auditory acoustic perception models to adjust audio performance in all scenarios.

Pioneering distributed capabilities

The all-new super-device experience ensures integration with a range of super-devices and other compatible devices, the use of features such as the “Mirror Control” feature to control the display via a mobile phone, allowing the display to be converted into a touch screen, and the use of HUAWEI Share For instant sharing of files, photos and videos between devices. The HUAWEI Vision’s touchscreen remote control includes a Near Field Communication (NFC) point, eliminating the need to connect to a Wi-Fi network or perform manual pairing. Instead, Huawei phones can quickly display audio and video content on the big screen for sharing with a single click, bringing a new world of convenience. Regardless of whether it is a short video, a news program or a movie, it can be displayed on the HUAWEI Vision S screen with a single click, enjoying a hassle-free viewing experience on a whole new scale.

The HUAWEI Vision S display is part of Huawei’s new suite of new breakthrough products, which are designed to give consumers access to a seamless and intelligent experience across multiple devices in all kinds of different scenarios. The suite of breakthrough products ensures that different types of devices are connected for the purpose of connectivity and display, providing users with a flexible, more convenient and secure experience.

Prices and availability

The “HUAWEI Vision S” display is available for pre-order until June 13 through the “Huawei” online store, “eXtra” stores and a select list of other stores. The screen is available in two different sizes, one of which is 55 inches, at a price of 3499 SAR; And the other 65 inches at a price of 4499 SAR, with a valuable gift worth 2042 SAR, which includes the “HUAWEI MatePad”, a subscription to the “HUAWEI Video” service for 3 months, and a subscription to the video-on-demand service “Starzplay” for 3 months, with a special warranty for 3 years, and a special entertaining gift.


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