How true is the fact that 25 Lebanese actresses fell victim to the impersonator of Mohamed Attia?


3 hours ago

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Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: 25 Lebanese actresses fell victim to the impersonator of the Egyptian star Mohamed Attia, who revealed the account of a person who impersonated him in order to defraud Lebanese actresses under the pretext of a new artwork.

The Star Academy star, through his official account on “Instagram”, published the impersonator’s phone number, and explained that the number being called is for the impersonator, and he spoke with more than 25 Lebanese actresses to deceive them of preparing to shoot a movie in Lebanon, and ask them to make a casting via a video call.

Attia added: “This person is not me, and none of what he says is true, and if in any artwork, I will be in it. I will not communicate with the work team for the technical agreement because this is the job of the production company.”

However, the followers were surprised by such behavior, and some of them asked where the impersonator came from to obtain the phone numbers of the actresses, and some activists asked Attia to change the picture and send a new picture to the impersonator.


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