How to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac for PC


Photographers are the group most affected by the loss of photos, so they need effective methods to help them recover deleted photos.

Most photographers tend to own Mac computers, because the system provides them with many facilities.

And the display of Apple devices has distinctive color accuracy, in addition to the fact that the Mac system provides a range of applications that photographers need a lot.

You can recover lost photos via Mac system in more than one way depending on the system itself, before downloading any external photo recovery application.

So here are the best Mac photo recovery methods.

Using the official Apple Photos app:

You can retrieve photos directly from Apple’s Photos app, which is the official application for viewing and manipulating photos on Mac systems.
The app keeps the deleted photos up to 30 days from the date they were deleted in the Recently Deleted folder.

But after the 30-day period has passed, this method won’t work, so it’s useful when trying to recover accidentally deleted photos.
You can recover photos through the official Photos application from Apple with the following steps:
• Open the Photos app and choose the newly deleted photos folder.
• Select the image you wish to restore, then press the Restore button.

This method is one of the easiest and fastest ways to recover recently deleted photos, and the feature works automatically in most devices.

Via Recycle Bin:

And when you delete photos from the Finder app, those photos automatically go to the Trash.
You can recover the deleted photos to the recycle bin before emptying it completely, but after emptying the recycle bin, you will need an external application.
At first, go to the recycle bin and open it, and then select the photos you want to recover.

You can right-click on any image to return it to its original place directly, or drag the image and place it anywhere.

With backups:

And the Mac system takes system backups periodically without your intervention, through the distinctive Time Machine application.

But in order for you to take advantage of this method, Time Machine must be functional and you have used it at least once.
In order to be able to recover deleted photos via backups, you must follow these steps:
Go to the folder where the photos were
• Click on the Time Machine icon on the taskbar at the top.
• From the menu that appears, choose Enter Time Machine.

And when the previous versions of your folder appear before you, you can restore images from any previous version you wish. This is done by pressing the Restore button below.

Reliance on external applications of the system:

You can install the deleted photo recovery app, there are a lot of good apps and it depends on your personal preference.
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But at first, make sure that the application works with the Mac system efficiently and is not intended for Windows only.


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