How to install the iOS 15 developer beta version


Apple recently announced the launch of the beta version of the iOS 15 update, which is now available for registered developers to install and try the new features, and in the next lines we review the steps to install the beta version of iOS 15.

Users of developers registered with Apple can try out the new features of the iOS 15 update before the launch of the public version, as it is available to install the developer beta through the following steps.

  • This beta version of iOS 15 is unstable at the moment, so it should definitely be noted that this version requires a phone that you do not fully rely on, with the need to backup the phone’s content.
  • The trial version of the update is available through the Apple developer website, where the user will have to sign in by opening a developer account at a price of $99.
  • Also, device registration may be required if it is not already registered in the account
  • Find the iOS 15 update profile by choosing the download button in the upper right, or by the sliding menu on the left side, then select the iOS profile and start the download
  • When the file is downloaded, go to the settings on the phone and then choose “Profile Downloaded”, from which you can follow the instructions that will appear in turn, which will end with a request to reboot the phone, from which the user will be able to install the update through the settings and from there to General and then can choose to update the software.

It is noteworthy that the public beta version will be available to users during the month of July for download, so if you are not registered with Apple as a developer, you can look forward to the public beta version.



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