How to fix Snapchat crash that prevents the app from opening


Some users are having an issue with the Snapchat app on their phones, where the app completely refuses to work.

A message appears informing you that the application has stopped working, and the content of this message is as follows:

snap chat

This problem occurs because the Snapchat app does not have access to the camera, and does not have access to it.

So the solution is to give the app access to the camera on your phone, whatever its operating system.

iOS Troubleshooting Steps:

In order to solve this malfunction, you must go to the system settings, then search for settings Application and press it.

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And when you reach the application settings, activate the permissions to access the camera, and this makes the application work normally.

Solution steps on Android:

Android works in a similar way to iOS, so you have to go to your phone settings and then tap on apps.

You can search for the application directly from the settings page, you may find the page address on the application depending on the type of phone.

After that, click on Snapchat when you find it, then click on Permissions and give the application permissions to access the camera.

The problem may persist even after giving the app access to the camera, in which case you may need to delete and reinstall the app.

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And Snapchat needs access to the camera and microphone in order to be able to use it normally and appropriately.

This is because Snapchat is basically a quick short video and photo sharing app, and Snapchat accesses a variety of settings for your phone such as:

  • Getting to where you stand
  • Use all the photos and files on your phone
  • Access to the phone history and the names registered on it.

Snapchat needs these powers in order to function properly, and this is because they directly affect its work and functions.

This of course causes users to have doubts about their security and the security of their data, and Snapchat claims that no one has access to this data and that they use it to significantly improve the user experience.

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The Snapchat application is one of the most popular social media, and this is due to the privacy it offers in displaying content and stories through it.

The content remains available on the platform for 24 hours after which it disappears.

The app takes advantage of everyone’s desire to watch content and the so-called FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out phenomenon.

Everyone wants to see the content before it disappears completely, and this is even more so with the popular content creators that you want to follow on a regular basis.

The app also has a feature Snaps And effects that completely change the format of the video, and this is what makes it a favorite of many, especially in the Arab region.


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